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Grace Yourself With The Perfect Traditional Outfit

Looking for the perfect event traditional outfit? At Cynthia Tang, we’re here for all your traditional outfits needs. We believe in highlighting Malaysia’s beauty in all its traditional outfits, which is why we showcase all the beautiful dresses online on our website.

Our team of traditional outfits specialists admire and love the meticulous details that go into making exquisite Malaysian traditional outfit.

Traditional Wear For Events and Occasions

Since 2004, we envisioned Cynthia Tang with the aim to bring out the enchanting aura of every woman. This is why every piece of Cynthia Tang’s clothing is embossed with the beauty of the Asian culture that we all know and appreciate as Malaysia – and it is brought out through the women who wear it.

By combining design, stylization, and applicability with the beauty of multinational culture in Malaysia, we believe that traditional is the new modern.

With Cynthia Tang, you will find the perfect balance between eternal and present. Starting from the year of 2018, we’ve been selling our traditional clothing pieces in departmental stores like Parkson, Isetan, and Metrojaya.

History Changes but Style Is Forever

We are firm believers in the beauty of traditional wear and how it transcends age and modernity. Even if it’s a decade from now, we believe that traditional wear will still bear its original meaning in each piece even when the design, material, and wearer changes.

Every stylish woman deserves the best traditional wear to showcase her beauty, ethnicity, and personal elegance.

With Galaxy Dreams, we’ve got the perfect traditional wear for you.


To spread the multinational traditional design elements, combines design, stylization, applicability and mainly inspired by Malaysia multinational cultures.


To spread the message of “traditional is the new modern”, let the traditional design elements be more acceptable.

What Makes Us Special

Fabrics Used

Here at Cynthia Tang, we only use the highest quality of fabric for all our traditional pieces. We believe in the heart of it all – the fabric, as it’s the closest thing that will come into contact with our wearer’s skin. By using premium fabrics, we ensure that our customers are comfortable all day long in their traditional clothing piece.

Quality Control

All of our traditional clothing pieces go through extensive and thorough quality control checks. We take no short cut in any of our pieces and we ensure that each piece is meticulously sewn and each piece of lining, lace, and additional accessory pieces are added accordingly.

Design Inspiration

We take inspiration for the every day modern women who still holds her traditional values high. Our designs were made to also inspire modern women to get in touch with their culture, traditional values, and their own personal style and unique personality.

Reasonable Prices

Despite using high-quality fabrics for all of our traditional clothing pieces, our traditional attires are reasonable, affordable, and most importantly, worth it. We believe in the affordability of traditional clothing pieces without taking shortcuts in creating them.


We sell our traditional clothing pieces in major departmental stores such as Parkson, Isetan, and Metrojaya, which is located nationwide. You can even shop online from the comfort of your own home. We want our traditional clothing pieces to be as accessible to everyone as we can.


Gone are the days where traditional articles of clothing were considered “old” or only worn by the elderly. Modern women nowadays are embracing their culture to truly show their sense of belonging. That is why our traditional attires are stylish and can be worn anywhere and for any occasions.

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