Complete Traditional Apparels Service in Malaysia

Cynthia Tang is here to provide you with services that are sure to help you find the right traditional apparel for you, whether it’s for a Chinese, Malay, or Indian traditional apparel. With our services, you will learn to fall in love with the sophistication and versatility of traditional clothing.

We know that it can be stressful to find the right traditional clothing for you, what more when most of the traditional clothing found online might be one-size-fit-all and you want the clothes to be as perfect as it can.

That’s why we at Cynthia Tang have carefully curated services that are essential to all our customers.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of traditional apparels in Malaysia, we want you to find the joy in wearing and loving traditional clothes as much as we do. That way, you can be sure that your traditional clothing needs will be taken care of by a top traditional apparel manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

Traditional Clothing Customisation

To make it easier for you to purchase the right traditional clothing that suits your style and personality, our customisation service allows you to create your very own traditional clothing piece.

1. Choose The Right Colour

We offer complimentary swatches and fabric that helps our clients choose the right one for them. Choose from over 50 colours and fabric for your traditional clothing customisation and match them with lace, other types of fabric, and the selection of lining colour options.

2. Get The Right-Sizing

With your exact measurements, we can then create the perfect traditional clothing for you according to your specific size and shape. Our measuring guide will include the opportunity to have the traditional clothing fit you according to your bust, waist, hip, arm measurements, length measurements, neckline depth, sleeve length, and slit height if needed.

Wedding Dress Rental

Wedding dresses should fit you perfectly throughout and it should be according to your shape and size, as well as aesthetic. Our wedding dress rental service offers an exclusive range of traditional clothing attire for Chinese, Malay, or Indian weddings.

Our wedding dress rental service helps you find the latest trends and timeless classic traditional clothing pieces for every bride. With our strong background in the traditional fashion industry, we at Cynthia Tang have an extensive collection of traditional wedding attire for our wedding dress rental service.

The collection we have in our store is regularly updated and changed so that new traditional clothing pieces are added to the selection. We want our brides-to-be to continuously wear traditional wedding attires that are not only from the latest trends, but also have the classic touch to it.

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